John Fay
Permit Specialist, Environmental Assistance Office
Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation
I have gotten a couple Airbnb questions lately and so I did some research on the subject. Renting out an Airbnb or other short term rental can trigger state oversight from Health, Fire Safety, Tax, and Environmental departments. Although the situation is fluid, and may change soon from the Legislature, I have put together a little blurb that I will use for inquiries to my office. I thought I would share it with you in case you have questions come in too:

If you rent out a room or space for sleeping accommodations:

  *   Your facility is a public building and is subject to fire safety requirements. Contact Fire Safety at 802-885-8883.
  *   You will need to collect state meals and rooms tax<> (unless paid by a third party).
  *   If you are serving any food other than pre-packaged, you will need a food and lodging license<>. Contact<> 802-296-5562.
  *   If you have 3 or more units, you will need a food and lodging license<>. Contact<> 802-296-5562.
  *   If you have only 1 or 2 units:
     *   You must post a Vermont Meals and Rooms Tax account number on any advertisement.
     *   You should complete and keep on-site a self-certification form<> prior to renting a unit.
     *   You must post certain information in the units (see the self-certification form).
  *   If you are effectively creating a new bedroom or an apartment, you will need a Wastewater permit as well. Contact a Licensed Designer<> (look down the page for “Finding a Designer”).
  *   As always, contact your town office to see if there are any local requirements.
  *   And, be sure to register with the Secretary of State<> if necessary.