March 6, 2018 @ 10:00 – 16:00
Town Hall


For the Regular Annual Meeting & Town School District

Windham, Vermont

March 6th 2018

Town Meeting

The legal voters of the Town of Windham are hereby notified and warned to meet at the Town Hall in Windham, Vermont on Tuesday March 6th 2018 at 10:00 a.m. to act on the following articles:

Article 1: To elect a Town Moderator for the year ensuing

Article 2: To elect a School Moderator for the year ensuing.

Article 3: To see if voters will accept the Town Report prepared by the Auditors.

Article 4: To elect the following Town Officers:

Office                                                              Term

Selectman                                                         3 years

Lister                                                                3 years

Auditor                                                             3 years

Delinquent Tax Collector                                1 year

Grand Juror                                                      1 year

Town Agent                                                     1 year

Windham Center Cemetery Commissioner     5 years

West Windham Cemetery Commissioner       5 years

North Windham Cemetery Commissioner      5 years

Library Trustee                                                5 years

Windham School Director                               3 years

Constable                                                          2 years

Town School District Meeting

Article 5:  Shall the voters pay a salary of $2,250.00 ($750.00 each) to the School Directors for FY 2018 – 2019

Article 6: Shall the voters authorize the School Directors to expend $387,103 to defray the expenses of the Windham Elementary School for the FY 2018 – 2019 school year?

Town Meeting Resumed

Article 7:  Shall the voters authorize the Town Treasurer to collect current taxes?

Article 8:  Shall the Voters appropriate $184,994 for the General Fund?                 Voted 2017 $192,461

Article 9:  Shall the voters appropriate $398,338 for winter and summer roads?     Voted 2017 $410,602

Article 10:  Shall the voters appropriate $60,000 for repaving and $15,000 for the bridges and large structures fund?

Voted 2017 $90,000 repaving – $15,000 bridges/large structures

Article 11:  Shall the voters appropriate $250.00 for The Londonderry Food Shelf/Bank?

Article 12:  Shall the voters appropriate $100.00 for Gerda’s Equine Rescue?

Article 13:  To transact any other business that may legally come before this meeting.