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Proposal for a Solar Array on the Property of the Center Windham Cemetery

Essential Facts about Possible Solar Array behind Town Office and Windham Center Cemetery

• This is only a possibility; nothing has been decided by the Select Board
• There is enough room in the field for future burials for the next 200 years and for a solar array
• If approved, the array would take up less than an acre and would contain about 650 panels
• The array would be screened with native plants and shrubs and could be seeded to attract pollinators
• Due to screening and the slope of the land, it is unlikely it would be visible from Windham Hill Road
• Some trees at the south end of the field might have to be removed to avoid shading the panels. How many,
if any, would need to be removed would be determined by a future study if the town wishes to proceed
• The array would generate about 262,500 Kwh of electricity per year
• The town could purchase net metering credits for some of this electricity to power town buildings at
about a 10% savings.
• Windham could lease the land to a solar developer for about $4000/year
• Windham would also receive about $700/year of tax revenue from the project
• The solar developer would own, maintain, screen and insure the array. There would be no cost to
the town or to Windham taxpayers
• Windham residents would be given the first option purchase solar panels in the array. Net metering credits
from these panels will help lower home electricity costs

Map of the Center Cemetery lot

Deed of the Center Cemetery lot

Map of future requirements for Cemetery plots provided by the Cemetery Commission via M.Simonds

Comments and questions may be emailed to the Committee by clicking on the following link, which should open a link to your email application