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Winter Roads Policy-Town of Windham, Vermont

Plow routes are set up to open the school routes and major traffic routes first. Operations usually begin at 4:00 AM to have the bus route and major roads cleared by 7:00 AM. After 16 hours on the job, the Road Crew is required to stop operation and get a minimum of 6 hours of rest. In extreme weather, a third part-time employee is available to accommodate this requirement. In most cases, there will be no maintenance between 10:00 PM and 4:00 AM.

Salt will be applied to paved roads, with sand added as necessary. (Salt is not effective when road temperatures are below 20 degrees F.) Sand will be applied to the gravel roads.

From the public, we ask the following: All turn-around areas should be kept clear of vehicles. Park your vehicles in your driveways, back from where snow will be thrown, so they don’t get damaged or buried.

When removing snow from your property, please make sure it does not get pushed or thrown into the plowed road. The resulting piles on our roads are dangerous to passing traffic and can lead to accidents.

The Crew will make every reasonable effort to plow close to mailboxes, but not so close as to take them down – sometimes this is a balancing act. The more thoughtfully your mailbox is located and maintained, the less likely it will be damaged by the weight of the snow or the plow wing itself. The town cannot be responsible for mailbox damage.

When the plows are on the road, please be patient. Don’t pass unless necessary.

Remember, the drivers are up high above the road and their primary attention is on the road and the plow, not passing vehicles. We anticipate a safe winter for everyone and thank you for your thoughtfulness.