August 19, 2019 @ 18:30 – 19:30
Town Office

Windham, VT Selectboard Agenda

August 19, 2019

Windham Town Office   5:30 PM     

5:30 Public Hearings for Zoning Regulations and Enhanced Energy Plan amendments

6:30 Commence regular meeting; Additions to Agenda/Announcements/Reminders

6:35 Act on minutes (2nd draft Emergency Meeting July 29; Regular SB Meeting August 5ü)

6:40 Public Comment: limit of 3 minutes/comment, if topic is not on tonight’s agenda

6:45 New Business

Open bid(s) and award job for Town Office construction

Lister’s Land Schedule – Russ Cumming

Aging in VT: Exploring solutions for social isolation.  Conference in Killington 9.27.  Anyone want to go?

Animal Welfare Investigation Training Begins Sept 4.  As health officer, Marcia Clinton is thinking of going.

National Register Signage Grant Program

Windham County Humane Society wants us to contract with them to hold stray, domestic small pets

7:45 The Meeting House

Kathy Scott and Maureen to set date to discuss Dave Crittenden’s memo and Ernie Friedli’s concerns

Start discussion on the vision of a regular committee/commission

8:00 Roads

Paving/Culverts update

VTel Construction Plan Approval

Roadside Mowing and Ditching

Apalachee Rock Salt

Highway Ordinance/Town-wide speed limit

Red truck repair update

8:30 Correspondence/Payroll/Bills


Next regular meeting is Sept 2, 2019