Wanted – Highway Road Crew Member Position Opening



Highway Road Crew Member: looking for a crew member for the Town of Windham, VT Highway Department, to carry out a variety of highway and town maintenance-related tasks. This position requires mechanical ability, record keeping and communication skills with a preference given for experience in highway maintenance and repair. FT, year-round, 40 hours/week, requiring a flexible schedule which may include nights, weekends and holidays, as well as OT. Position requires 24/7 availability during the winter months. Please phone 802-874-7025 to arrange an interview.

Job Description – Windham Road Crew 2018 Job Description

Windham Town Meeting 2018 Results

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Windham Town Meeting 2018 Results

or the following

Results – Windham Town Meeting 2018

Article 1: To elect a Town Moderator for the year ensuing

                   Elected Mike McLaine

Article 2: To elect a School Moderator for the year ensuing.

                   Elected Mike McLaine

Article 3: To see if voters will accept the Town Report prepared by the Auditors.

                   Accepted the report.

Article 4: To elect the following Town Officers:

Office                  Term in years     Elected to Office

Selectman                     3                 Robert Kehoe

Lister                             3                 Russell Cumming

Auditor                         3                 Kathleen Jungermann

Delinquent Tax

Collector                      1                  Erin Kehoe

Grand Juror                1                  James Scott

Town Agent                1                  Michael Simonds

Cemetery Commissioners

Windham Center      5                  Margaret Dwyer

West Windham         5                  Diane Newton

North Windham       5                  Paul  Wyman

Library Trustee         5                  Cynthia Kehoe

Windham School

Director                      3                  Elizabeth McDonald

Constable                   2                  Joseph Lamson

Town School District Meeting

Article 5: Shall the voters pay a salary of $2,250.00 ($ 75 0 .0 0 each to the School Directors for FY 2018 – 2019

      Article Accepted

Article 6: Shall the voters authorize the School Directors to expend

$387,103 to defray the expenses of the Windham Elementary School for the FY 2018 – 2019 school year?

     Article Accepted

Town Meeting Resumed 

Article 7: Shall the voters authorize the Town Treasurer to collect current taxes?

       Article Accepted

Article 8: Shall the Voters appropriate $184,994 for the General Fund?                        Voted 2017 $192,461

       Article Accepted

Article 9: Shall the voters appropriate $398,338 for winter and summer roads?       Voted 2017 $410,602

      Article Accepted

Article 10: Shall the voters appropriate $60,000 for repaving and $15,000 for the bridges and large structures fund?

Voted 2017 $90,000 repaving- $15,000 bridges/large structures

      Article Accepted

Article 11: Shall the voters appropriate $250.00 for The Londonderry Food Shelf/Bank?

     Article Accepted

Article 12: Shall the voters appropriate $100.00 for Gerda’s Equine Rescue?

     Article Accepted

Article 13:    To transact any other business that may legally come before this meeting.

     Article Accepted