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Efficiency VT will pay 75% of the cost of a weatherization project

Efficiency Vermont is offering some terrific incentives to Vermonters who want to save money and energy by weatherizing their homes this summer.  Until Aug. 31, or until funds run out, Efficiency VT will pay 75% of the cost of a weatherization project (up to $5,500) to low and moderate income Vermonters who work with an Efficiency Excellence Network contractor. Through their Home Energy Loan program, Efficiency Vermont will also make the first six months of payments for customers (or up to $900), for loans applied for before 10/31. That means most Vermonters can now complete a comprehensive weatherization project for around $40 a month, with the first six months of payments waived.  Higher-income customers will receive incentives of 50% off their project cost, up to $2,000, and below market-rate financing.

Low- and moderate-income Vermonters can also receive $50 back on qualifying energy efficient products that are purchased before August 31, including ENERGY STAR® certified window air conditioning units, dehumidifiers, air purifiers, freezers and indoor grow lights (DLC-certified). The 0% interest Home Energy Loan can also be applied to these purchases.

In Windham County, the household income limits to qualify for low and moderate income incentives are as follows:

People in Household                     Household Income Limit

1                                                     $66,400

2                                                     $75,800

3                                                     $85,400

4                                                     $94,800

5                                                     $102,400

These incentives are supposed to expire on August 31.  There is some possibility the deadline will be extended, but if you are interested in receiving these benefits, don’t wait.  If you have questions, go to the Efficiency Vermont webpage and click on “rebates”. Or, you may contact Bill Dunkel, town energy coordinator, at, or by calling 874-4131.